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Dec 18, 2015 12:14:18 PM

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." - Norman Vincent Peale

I just read about 100 different Christmas quotes and when I laid eyes on this one, it completely read true. It wasn't a quote about religion, it wasn't a quote the actual day of Christmas, it was a quote about feelings, warmth, and peacefulness, without saying those 3 words. And that right there, is why I love this quote, it couldn't be truer. Who isn't happy and laughing on Christmas? Maybe a little too much wine, sure, that happens, but it's because this is the day where you get to spend a moment with all of the people that you love. Whether it's on the phone or in person, it's a day to reconnect; it's a day of warmth.post_it_news-512893-edited.jpg

And now onto the craziness that we call news.

Thinking about getting a new job?

NASA is hiring! Ever think about walking on the moon or doing flips in "Orion"? I mean, am I the only one? Definitely not! Well people, its your turn to be able to walk on Mars! There are too many prerequisites to write down, but I know I just made it being how short I am...and that's pretty much it. There has only been 338 astronauts since 1959, let's see you join the 22nd class!

It's getting hot in here...

But please, do not take off all your clothes. It's not that hot. The Paris Climate Deal has been widely talked about all around the world. What is it you ask? "The Paris Agreement commits 195 countries to report progress to a U.N. body in cutting carbon emissions every five years, beginning in 2023. The Paris Agreement aims to keep global warming to a maximum limit of two-degree Celsius (about 3.8 degrees F.) above pre-industrial levels, with a goal of eventually lowering that even further to about 1.5 degrees. And it promises to cap global carbon emissions “as soon as possible.” ( Let's chat in a couple of years and see what really unfolds.

Another purchase unfolding.

I feel like it wasn't too big in the headlines, but did you hear that Alibaba bought Hong Kong's South China Morning Post for $266 million? The reason why it's even making headlines, because let's be honest, acquisitions happen every day, is because the South China Morning Post has long "enjoyed freedom from the press", which means in other words, they can get away with saying a lot. People are concerned that Alibaba is going to control that. "“Trust us. Why do people have to think that if we have it, it will lose its independence? Why not with others?” he said. “We also read the newspapers. We also want media independence and fairness. What basis is there that with us, there will be no more independence?” - Executive Chairman, Jack Ma. For people in the publication world, that's big. 


The Saudi women are officially allowed to vote and run for office for the first time! But there is only one problem, they can't drive. Why is that a problem? Because their husbands have to drive them, and if their husbands are not on board, then they are stuck. Last week, out of the 10% of women that are registered to vote, 80% did! It will take time, but that is what life is about, making progress.

Well, everyone, this is going to be the final Prominent Post-It's until after the new year! I know, I know, don't be too bummed, but to be honest, these prominent post it's are all current events, and this isn't a blog post we prepare in advance. This is real time stuff. Just like you, I want to be able to spend time with my family and friends, and not have to be sitting at my computer while they are all spending time together. 

Have a happy, healthy and SAFE Christmas and New Year's, and we will see you back before you know it! Looking forward to spending 2016 with all of you!

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