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Jan 20, 2017 11:02:27 AM

We’re bringing back Prominent Post-Its, featuring breaking news
and highlights of the week!Prominent Post-Its News

What better day to bring you the news as our nation swears in a new President and embarks on what we all hope will be a bright beginning. Here's hoping!

Now for the latest that's creating a buzz in our office.


Preparing For Houseguests This Weekend?

You thought getting ready for houseguests was White_House_DC-1tough, imagine turning over a 132-room mansion in six hours. That’s what White House Staff staffers have to do to get ready for their new tenants today. The move involves a quick transformation removing the Obama Family’s belongings to one side of the House, while simultaneously moving the Trump Family’s belongings in from the other side. 

March Together

Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of people will join Women's March On Washington. At the dawn of the Trump era, supporters are coming together to make a statement: women's rights are human rights, and the same goes for any other marginalized group. Right on. Other cities (Boston included) will hold sister marches. 


Sure it’s Friday, But Don’t Cut Out Early. The Robots Could Take Your Job.

Efficiency and automation. Everyone wants work done faster, more precisely and for a cheaper price. Well, robots could be the answer. Manufacturing, data analysis and healthcare are the three areas that are predicted to see automation take over in the near future. Michael Chui, a McKinsey Global Institute partner, predicts that half of all “paid activities” (aka work) in the modern world could be automated within the next few decades. If you won’t be retired by then, we recommend bulking up on those soft skills.

You’re Getting Paid How Much?

Possibly not enough if you’re a minority group working at Oracle. The Department of Labor is suing the tech company for allegedly paying white males more than other employees and for other discriminatory hiring practices. Diversity (or lack thereof) is a big problem in tech companies. Google was the first to share its diversity statistics in 2014, and it wasn’t a pretty picture. They’re not the only tech company who has a long way to go. 


Oui, Oui ParisEiffel Tower

Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, France’s tourism industry has taken a hit. In an effort to boost the country’s tourist activity and give it an upper hand in beating Budapest and Los Angeles in their bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, Mayor Anne Hidalgo is proposing a high price tag makeover of the Eiffel Tower. The facelift would include better elevators and additional tourist offerings that promise to delight.


From Moz: Giving Your Two Cents Counts Toward Marketing

According to one of our favorite influencers here at RIM, Rand Fishkin at, comment marketing is still a thing. To make the most of your efforts, he suggests choosing your top ten blogs and consistently posting insightful comments to them. Participation could lead to good things in your marketing future like increased social followers, links to your page, and brand exposure. Some tips: comment early to get noticed and mind your Ps and Qs. It’s OK to disagree, but do so respectfully. Like any good marketer, plan a strategy around commenting: set goals, test different tactics and analyze the results. Want a little extra bang for your buck? Post your comments to Twitter. 

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