7 Qualities of Videos You’ll Love Watching

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Apr 30, 2015 12:51:51 PM

Consumers are watching a ton of videos every day and marketers are taking note of the qualities of videos that best resonate. People want interactions that don’t feel like marketing. Since 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, propelling humanized marketing through video is ideal. Here, we’ll discuss 7 important qualities that successful marketing videos demonstrate.

  1. Relatable

Your videos shouldn’t seem gimmicky or demanding. Instead, they should offer real, relatable business advice from people just like you and me. Highlight your customers; they can explain the benefits of your business much more convincingly than you can. 

  1. Trustworthy 

After you’ve crafted your stories, encourage your community to participate in those stories. Delivering emotional viral videos can help your brand stay top-of-mind. Think about tying your marketing to a larger mission to cultivate a loyal following. According to data from Gallup, customers who are more loyal and emotionally attached to brands bring in 23% more revenue. So, take advantage of this by committing to marketing that makes them feel recognized and important.

  1. Emotional 

Create videos emphasize your mission to improve the lives of their users, not just make money. Appeal to emotion. While you don’t want to abuse this approach, emotion is an incredibly powerful driver that can influence the way people act and respond to your product or service. 

  1. Solution-driven 

Even if your message is tied directly to your service, make sure it doesn’t sound pitchy. Aim to provide solutions to your users’ most common questions in a way that's actually entertaining. Understand your audience's needs better than anyone else – and play to them in your videos. 

  1. Engaging

When your video is free of sales innuendo and product placement, it’ll seem refreshing for viewers. Consider leveraging a plot twist. When the audience can't predict the outcome, they'll be more likely to remain engaged throughout the entirety of your content.

  1. Compelling

You don't have to push tangibles at people in order to see success from a campaign. Think in terms of macro and micro. Evaluate the macro effect that your product or service is having on your industry or the world as a whole, and then hone in on someone's micro experience to deliver a compelling story.

  1. Human

Illustrating an instinctively human account provides viewers with an opportunity to bond with your brand in a way that a promotional piece could not support. This ultimately gives you a leg up on the competition, as a sense of empathy often goes a long way when it comes to influencing a consumer's preferences. Insert humor into your messaging. Though it can be tough to pull off, it can lower the barrier between you and your audience.

When your marketing videos demonstrate these 7 qualities, consumers will be able to better identify with your brand and look forward to your interactions. The goal is to delight your customers, and following these tips will make your videos not only effective but enjoyable.

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