5 Ways Using Snapchat Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

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Jun 18, 2015 4:40:01 PM

Snapchat recently announced that its featured city for Friday will be Boston, MA – also known as the city that we call home here at Responsive Inbound Marketing! Naturally, we’re excited to see snaps of classic Boston moments and maybe even get the chance to share our own. But, there are even more reasons to be excited about Snapchat all the time, especially if you’re looking for new ways to make your brand stand out. Here are 5 reasons why Snapchat is a great place for brands to market:

1. Fast-Growing New Social Media
Snapchat is one of the newest big social media platforms, and it’s quickly increasing in popularity. In 2014, it was the social app with the fastest growing user base, and today it boasts 100 million daily users. These millions of people constitute a massive potential customer base for brands that want to reach out in new and original ways on one of the hottest platforms around.

2. Attract Young Generations
Of these 100 million daily users, the vast majority are under 25, and SocialTimes reports that the average age is only 18 years. Brands looking to engage these younger demographics, known as Generation Z, need to follow the young people themselves. They’re leaving Facebook, where the average user age has climbed to 40 years, and flocking to Snapchat instead – the perfect place for your brand to get their attention.

3. New Ways to Interact
Snapchat also has the benefit of having a unique system of operation. Snapchat star Shaun McBride explains how he rose to Snapchat fame by using its features to interact with his fans in real time and involve them in the content he creates. Brands can use similar techniques to create marketing campaigns that interest their customers by allowing them to interact with and influence the material, giving users more incentive to participate.

 4. Creative Advertising
Many brands worry about Snapchat's time limit and impermanence – each picture, message, or video lasts only seconds and disappears as soon as it’s been viewed. But, the fast pace is exactly what attracts so many users to Snapchat's ads. Unlike more traditional advertising, Snapchat ads hook users while taking up only seconds of their time. Sixty percent of Snapchat users reported enjoying the ads found in “Our Stories” on the app. If they love your ads, they’ll love your brand, and you’ll convert visitors into leads and customers!

5. It’s Getting Easier
Though brands began using Snapchat as a marketing tool in the fall of 2013, it’s still a relatively new concept, and not many brands currently have a presence on the app. Luckily, Snapchat itself seems to be looking for ways to remedy this. It introduced the “Discover” feature in January, which showcases certain brands that have content available for viewing through the app. Although no new brands can currently snag a spot on the Discover screen, the development heralds changes in Snapchat’s system of operation that are definitely good news for anybody looking to advertise on its platform.

So, now that you know how Snapchat can make your brand stand out, download the app on a smartphone or tablet to make an account and catch up on all the best ways to connect with future customers. And, be sure to remember to check out Boston’s featured story tomorrow!

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