4 Steps of Inbound Marketing (Part II)

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Jan 26, 2016 2:48:46 PM

Happy Hump Day! Not only are you halfway through the week, but you are also halfway to better inbound marketing if you read Part I of our blog explaining the 4 steps for converting strangers to customers! If you're like me, you love a good cliff-hanger, but I think we've held out long enough — the wait is over. 

Now that you've created a content-rich blog and collected the contact info of your potential leads, its time to close the deal and turn those leads into customers. You'll do this by nurturing your leads through emails, signals, and workflows. Emails are vital, because they allow you to reach your leads on a more personal level. Start with a clear subject line! Not only will this decrease the likelihood of your email being marked as spam, but it will also attract the attention of leads who are in search of your service or product. Make sure to individualize your emails to as great an extent as possible — according to Hubspot, targeted emails nearly triple click-through rates! Use your blog content to educate leads who have provided you with contact information but haven't become customers yet and encourage them to interact with your site. By focusing on useful, relevant content, you can build a trusting relationship with your new customers. 

But you're not done yet! After all the hard work you've done to gain your new clients, you want to make sure that they are happy with their decision to choose you, and to maximize the chances that they will recommend you to others. Now is the time to delight these customers, turning them into promoters of your product. Present clients with adaptive offers that change based on lifecycle stage and buyer persona. Use your social media platforms to provide quick and easy customer service — their function is not limited to the attract stage! Build customer loyalty by continuing to provide your clients with great educational content that helps them to overcome challenges and reach their goals, and keep them involved in the growth of your company by suggesting new products or improved features that may be useful for them.

Still need help with lead generation? Here's some tips and ideas to get you going!


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Now go generate some new leads! Hump day and new clients?! We know, we know, it's pretty exciting. Just try to avoid being this guy at the office. 

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