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If you are looking for an individual who gets inbound marketing, look no further than Lindsey. Her knowledge of all things marketing make her a great asset for any individual, team, or company. Not only is she great at marketing, but she is extremely helpful, genuine, and friendly. Her communication style aligns perfectly with small businesses looking to scale fast. Recommending her is the easy part. Working with her is the best part!

Jeff Webster, Marketing Manager


If you're looking for a HubSpot expert, Lindsey is who you should turn to. I had the pleasure of working with Lindsey and her Responsive Inbound Marketing team while here at Walnut Street Finance. Lindsey's team was already on-board when I started and I knew they had started WSF's inbound marketing from the ground up. Lindsey knew everything about HubSpot which was evident in the month over month growth that WSF was experience, primarily with organic search. Lindsey was also professional and very responsive, something that you don't always find with agencies. I highly recommend that you give Lindsey and the Responsive Inbound Marketing team a try if you're looking to kick off your content marketing and inbound efforts with HubSpot as your tool of choice.

Patrick Batu, Director of Marketing

Walnut Street Finance

"I love working with Lindsey and the RIM team. As a small business, we needed an inbound marketing partner that would function as a well-oiled machine to drive traffic and get leads in the door by getting content out the door on a regular basis. Lindsey and team have done just that, with a return on our investment. We worried that with us being in Denver and RIM being in Boston that it would be difficult to work effectively together, but we have found that working with RIM is just like having the whole team in the office with how responsive they are. I guess that’s why they are Responsive Inbound Marketing."

Shelly Vollmer, Marketing Manager


Responsive Inbound Marketing has been an invaluable asset, helping our strategic media and buying agency become proficient in HubSpot, utilize the analytics, and create compelling content to appeal to our B2B prospects and clients. Lindsey and team are always available, easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable about the HubSpot tool. We would definitely recommend Responsive Inbound Marketing.

Michelle LeWinter, Senior Vice President

Women's Marketing

The team never stopped accepting our calls and emails to ensure that we were receiving the best possible experience. Responsive Inbound Marketing is an asset to any marketing team interested in learning about Inbound Marketing.

Shelley Trudeau, Marketing Manager


Responsive Inbound Marketing's team created some great infographics for us - and fast. They took care of everything and we loved the way it all turned out.

Dawn Baron, Marketing Consultant

KZO Innovations

Lindsey has been an important part of our team. Her responsiveness has allowed us to capture opportunities that we otherwise might have missed. Whatever we needed, she was certain to make sure we were fully supported. I recommend her highly.

Steve Waterhouse, Consultant

Waterhouse Group Inc.

Lindsey listened to our needs, objectives and limitations as we launched our business and formulated a marketing plan that encompassed not only our objectives but points that we had not considered. She understands firsthand the struggles a start-up faces in juggling all aspects of a business and has always been readily available to provide counsel and strategic advice in our marketing plans including the creation of collateral, website redesign, use of social media, blogging and inbound marketing. I highly recommend Lindsey to any company that is in need of marketing services as she gets it.

Andy Church, President

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