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Lindsey Framer

Founder & President

Having worked in marketing for over a decade, she simply knows what works and what doesn’t work – because she’s experienced all of the above. When she was fully trained in the Inbound Methodology and HubSpot platform during her time as a Channel Consultant at HubSpot, the huge opportunity basically hit her on the head: people needed help.

Now heading her own inbound marketing agency, Responsive Inbound Marketing, she can honestly say that she hasn’t looked back for a second after taking the bold leap. She loves what she does and plans on doing it forever.

When Lindsey isn’t speaking to Executive teams and leading training about the Inbound Methodology, you can find her exploring new restaurants, going to the beach with her family (including her pup during the winter!), and watching all new binge-worthy shows on Netflix!

Certifications: HubSpot Certification, Inbound Marketing Certification, HubSpot Partner Certification, Sales Hub Enterprise Implementation

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Gina Ionta

Content Specialist & Editor

Gina is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience, and an academic journalism background. Her contributions encompass multiple genres as she has covered topics ranging from fashion and lifestyle, to domestic news and healthcare. She is currently pursuing a career in the field of marketing for influential brands, indulging in the sphere of modern trends and best practices. When she is not exploring a new country or revisiting her favorite cities, you can find Gina reading, kicking back at a local café, or enjoying a night out dining (seafood is her favorite).

Though she has an insatiable appetite for travel, she calls Montreal, Canada her home where she presently resides until a new adventure calls her name. Meanwhile, she is grateful for her mother's authentic Italian cooking.

Rachel Turner

Graphic Designer

With 16 years graphic design experience, Rachel loves to make companies’ marketing collateral look professional and eye-catching. She has worked with both large and small clients across a wide variety of industries nationwide. Her design experience encompasses both print and digital, including flyers, whitepapers, brochures, social media graphics, newsletters and more. She is frequently asked to “work your magic” and happily complies!

Catyn Piver

Strategic Account Manager

Catyn is a 10 year tech veteran with backgrounds in account management, customer success and user experience. She started her consulting career at HubSpot where she provided marketing strategy and product training to businesses large and small. As a HubSpot alum, she prides herself on her ability to help clients understand the nuances of inbound marketing. Whether it be customer journey, or keyword mapping, Catyn loves strategizing for businesses across all industries.

For the last 3 years, Catyn has had the opportunity to build out account management teams in the start up world, both in the SaaS space and beyond. This experience has awarded her the ability to look at strategy from the perspective of many different departments within a company. This allows her to create a well rounded and custom approach with each and every one of her clients. 

Catyn is undoubtedly a people person, and spends time with everyone she works with to understand their needs and goals in order to ensure the highest level of success. 

In her spare time, Catyn works in the fitness industry, and loves providing a fun and uplifting space for all of her clients. She also works with nonprofit organizations to raise money for the empowerment of women in 3rd world countries. Hailing from South Boston, she is a proud townie and a die hard Bruins fan. You can find her out and about with her two pups, Fred and Lola, or jettsetting on to the next new and interesting cultural destination. 

Certifications: HubSpot Management Training Certified, HubSpot Certified, Inbound Marketing Certified.

Alyssa Smith

PPC & Paid Social Specialist

Alyssa Smith is an experienced Paid Search and Paid Social Media marketer with 3 years of experience in the field. Alyssa has worked in marketing since graduating from Northeastern University in Boston and has spent most of her professional career in digital advertising. She has worked with a wide variety of industries, including clients in B2B, B2C, and eCommerce. She is an expert in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Alyssa specializes in building holistic digital marketing plans to drive potential customers from the awareness phase to the loyalty phase. Although Alyssa is highly skilled in the more analytical parts of PPC and Paid Social, she also likes to get to know her clients very well and find creative solutions for their objectives. This balance is what makes her a self-described "communicative nerd."

When she's not optimizing PPC accounts, you can find Alyssa outside hiking, snowboarding or at the beach.

Certifications: Google Ads Fundamentals, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Microsoft (Bing) Ads

Kaelan Crawford

PPC & Paid Social Specialist

Kaelan Crawford brings 4 years of experience in Paid Search and Paid Social Media to the Responsive Inbound Marketing team. Kaelan attended college at the University of San Diego, where he studied marketing. Upon graduating and returning to Boston, Kaelan worked in an agency setting as a client onboarding specialist, where he perfected his skills in building and managing PPC and Paid Social accounts across a variety of platforms including Google, Bing, and Facebook. Kaelan builds PPC and Paid Social Media accounts with leads, sales, and ROAS as priority, and makes careful optimization decisions based on historical data and A/B testing. Kaelan enjoys keeping up with the latest technical trends in digital marketing, and is an expert in other channels like YouTube, Gmail, and Google My Business. 

In Kaelan's free time, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking and travelling.

Certifications: Google Ads Fundamentals, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Analytics, Google Ads Video, Google Ads Mobile, Microsoft (Bing) Ads