KZO Innovations Generates Big Results With Inbound Marketing

When you need someone to manage, create, implement your marketing content AND be consistent and dependable, that can be a tall ask for any individual. KZO Innovations knew they needed a small marketing agency to help with the projected growth they strived to gain over the next year, and they got much more than that. 

Organic Traffic Increase 103.57% 

Social Media Increase 444.44% 

Total Traffic Increase 142.1%

In July 2014, KZO Innovations, an enterprise video platform, employed Responsive Inbound Marketing’s services to ensure consistent and timely marketing delivery and improve the company’s visibility with search engines. KZO Innovations has experienced great success from the agency’s inbound marketing tactics over the past 9 months, including an increased number of visits in the following areas:


  • Organic search
  • Direct traffic
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Total visits


Here’s the success story of Responsive Inbound Marketing’s very first client: KZO Innovations.



Before KZO Innovations started working with Responsive Inbound Marketing, one marketing contractor was responsible for all of the marketing deliverables, sales team support, and customer support and communications. This was challenging in that time was a major issue and yet the company was in a growth mode and needed a quick way to scale its marketing program. The company’s key objectives included:


  • Produce strong content in a consistent and timely manner
  • Update and improve SEO 
  • Fix keyword-stuffed pages
  • Implement inbound marketing tactics


Enter, Responsive Inbound Marketing.

KZO Innovations and Responsive Inbound Marketing

How Responsive Inbound Marketing Helped


KZO Innovations happily handed the inbound marketing reins over to Responsive Inbound Marketing, and the stress surrounding the content calendar quickly evaporated. The two companies were able to keep up with each other on a stringent schedule, and soon enough, KZO Innovations was handing tasks off to the agency without any worry. Consistent content creation can position a brand as an industry thought leader – which is exactly why KZO Innovations required it. Responsive Inbound Marketing delivered, producing two strong blogs (with accompanying social media posts) per week, extra social media posts throughout the week, along with a number of educational offers. With better organization, more content, and a stronger social presence, site visits started to steadily increase.



Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 1.10.51 PM

KZO Innovations gained more leads from social feeds and more organic traffic with Responsive Inbound Marketing’s expertise. Not only did they gain more leads, but inbound marketing allowed KZO to gain the right kind of leads. The number of visits drastically increased over 9 months of working with the agency in the following areas:

  • Organic search increased 103.57%
  • Direct traffic increased 77.21%
  • Social media increased 444.44%
  • Email marketing increased 528.47%
  • Total visits increased 142.1%


The proof is in the numbers, but KZO feels the most notable reward in working with Responsive Inbound Marketing is their accountability. “They were always responsive and delivered everything unfailingly, to the point that I honestly never had to worry about it.”



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